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Community-engaged research projects,

Need-driven Research, Research driven solutions​

Water, Air, Climate, Health & Ecology

Improving Urban Resiliency in Health, Environment, and Bio-diversity through CitizenScience  Siddharthanage, Lumbini, Nepal

The Danda River Ecological Monitoring Program (DEMP) project is developing a monitoring lab to collect long-term data on water quality, air quality, river flow, weather, and bio-diversity.  By involving schools in these data collection efforts, the DEMP project initiative hopes to improve citizen science awareness in the communities both in the Terai as well as in the hilly districts. 


The pilot phase consists of one college with the citizen science lab office and two schools from the Terai town of Siddharthanagar, and one hilly school in Gulmi.   Over time, this network will be expanded gradually to cover more locations and more schools. These environmental data streams will be displayed on the website to help promote public awareness and eventually to help develop an urban wildlife refuge along the Danda River.   


In addition to DEMP project, visiting students have opportunities to get involved in a wide variety of community projects such as: gender and hygiene, river festival, eco-arts, composting, waste water treatment, health camps, and the development of the bird sanctuary and urban wildlife refuge.   

Danda Ecological Monitoring Program (DEMP)                                                      

Waste Managment

Waste management program with river clean up, recycling, and waste containers 

Air Quality: The Laser Egg

The laser egg will monitor indoor air quality

Climate: The 5 in 1 Pro Weather Station

The weather station measures temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and rainfall.

River Stage: Sensor Levelogger Egde

This sensor will measure the stage of the river so that flooding can be analyzed in the area. 

Water Quality Testing

The water quality will be sampled and tested to understand the river health

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Community  and Health

WASH Awareness: Mensuration Kits

School Mensuration Hygiene Kits Distribution

Danda Festival

A celebration will take place along the Danda River to celebrate community, the environment, and health awareness. 

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